What is The Brand Value of BXTribe

What is The Brand Value of BXTribe

BXTribe is a platform for creating your own look. We believe everything truly great because of you.


Social Brand Value:

  • Care
  • Responsible
  • Celebrate everyone’s achievements
  • Big and small
  • Respect
  • Keep moving forward


Product Brands Value:

  • Scrupulous attention to details
  • Connecting innovation implementation with people
  • Classic original
  • Quality with affordable price
  • Creativity and innovation
  • A craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best



We were born to connect innovation implementation with people, we bring the responsibilities, cares, love of human connections into everything we do, from thins we make, to the relationship we build. We celebrate everyone's achievements, big and small, with empathy and trust.



BXTribe clothes are crafted with scrupulous attention to details. Designed for style-conscious people who lead active lives. 


BXTribe has always been coherent and pursued without compromise. Heritage, classic original, quality, creativity and innovation are the terms used in BXTribe to define the concept of “Redefining fashion by innovation”


We constantly strive for better. As a team, inspired by our continuous pursuit of excellence. We are always learning and committed to setting new standards. We are never done.


The well-made clothes with high tech material will redefine your styles and give you the best feeling throughout your day.


3D Aerogel Tech & Outlast NASA Technology

BXTribe's Tech Jacket Collection, best replacement of a heavy down jacket in winter. it is more suitable for the thermal needs of air-cold outdoors, taking into account lightness and warmth, without fear of the coldness of winter, allowing you to enjoy outdoor winter life comfortably. Use Outlast Nasa Technology to effectively control heat and cold. Outlast blended functional fabric that absorbs, stores, and releases heat, absorbs excess heat when the skin surface is too hot; releases stored heat when the skin surface is too cold, allowing you to maintain just the right temperature outdoors.


Aerogel is the core thermal insulation material for space suits and has been awarded 15 Guinness records. 90% of aerogel is hollow and is rated as the lightest solid in the world and has the lowest thermal conductivity.


The fabric is mainly composed of 3 layers: a comfortable and soft inner layer, a middle layer filled with aerogel for constant temperature, and a waterproof and cold-resistant outer layer to further enhance the thermal function.


Bionic Technology

Ever wonder what makes a material water-repellent? To figure out how to engineer materials with better hydrophobic properties, scientists have turned to nature to study its intelligent design. Lotus leaves are well known for being superhydrophobic, so they serve as an excellent case study.


Our waterproof T-shirt is made of 100% cotton. It is soft and comfortable to touch, and has good moisture absorption and breathability. The new lotus leaf membrane water-repellent technology can be waterproof and water-repellent, even if you accidentally spill liquid on your clothes, a gentle shake and rinse will be as good as new.

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