What is the best hoodie color for men?

What is the best hoodie color for men?

When it comes to colors, you will find hoodies in all the colors, from solids to mixed colors. Though shades such as pink and purple are popular with women, men too aren’t afraid to wear colors when it comes to hoodies.


White can be a little hard to wear, especially for those with very pale skin tones, but beige is a great option for everyone! Off-white is the perfect neutral color for work or when you want to look more organized. Off-white is the perfect neutral color for work or when you want to look more organized. It's timeless and an absolute must-have. It goes with most colors, so you won't have any styling issues.


Dark Green

Did you know that green looks great on anyone? It also works with most basic colors like gray, brown, black, navy, and brighter shades like yellow or even red. If you want to experiment with color but aren't ready for something as radical as neon or pink, dark green is a great choice for a hoodie.



Olive is another shade of green that most people should consider. It is timeless and very easy to style. Olive green hoodies and black leather jackets can help create a military-inspired look without much effort, and this style has been popular for some time now.



We recommend red to those who need a little more color in their lives. There are many shades that suit most hair colors and skin tones, so you'll easily find one that works for you. From crimson to burgundy, try them out and see which one suits you best.


Mustard Yellow

Let's continue the bright color theme with mustard yellow. This shade of hoodie is perfect for brightening up dark winter days, and everyone should try wearing it. Unlike the classic yellow, mustard looks great even when you're very pale. Mustard is also easy to match, as it works well with white, navy, gray, beige and charcoal, although avoid pairing it with primary colors like red, blue or green.


Navy Blue

If you have already got a black, grey, and pastel hoodie in your wardrobe, then it is time to get a zip-up navy blue hoodie. Navy is a color that looks great on all skin tones, and it looks especially good in the form of a zip-up hoodie.



Charcoal is a great alternative to black. This mix between black and gray is reminiscent of wood, coal, rock and is sometimes referred to as anthracite or graphite color. It works well with most colors, but we recommend creating some contrasting looks and pairing it with white, beige, blue, red, yellow, green or orange.


Skin Tone Based Hoodies

The basic rule of color matching in fashion is that you should wear colors that suit your skin tone. This will help take your outfit to the next level.


Hoodie Colors for Darker Skin Tones

Neutral colors - Neutral colors such as black, gray and white work well for people with darker skin tones or those with warm tones.

Pastels - Pastels, blues and greens also work for people with darker skin because of their ability to evoke contrast.

Avoid dark browns - Dark browns can wash you out, so it's best to avoid them.


Hoodie colors for lighter skin tones

Hoodie Colors for Light Skin

Darker neutrals - Darker neutrals (i.e. black and gray).

Avoid white - White often washes out your skin, depending on how fair your skin tone is. Therefore, it's generally easier to avoid wearing white hoodies in the first place.

Jewel colors - Jewel colors, such as dark green, purple and indigo, work very well for people with lighter skin because they provide much-needed contrast to their outfits.

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