Touch of luxury - cashmere redefines high-ended clothes

Touch of luxury - cashmere redefines high-ended clothes

Cashmere is a kind of wool derived from a goat's hair endemic to the Gobi Desert and Central Asia. Cashmere has long been regarded as one of the softest and most sumptuous forms of wool available, and it is highly valued as a material for sweaters, scarves, and other light cold-weather apparel.


In its most basic form, it is simply goat wool. To be more exact, it is the wool from the goat's undercoat, which is closest to the skin. And, contrary to common perception, the undercoat does not come from the goat's belly. The mid-side or rear of the body develops this particular fiber. Some people harvest from the neck, but the wool fibers from this area are of poor quality.


While cashmere is not as insulating as other varieties of wool, it is softer and finer, allowing cashmere to be woven into a highly thick but thin fabric. This form of wool does not insulate as effectively as regular sheep wool, but it is soft enough to wear near the skin, which is useful for applications such as undergarments and undershirts.


Cashmere fabric is utilized in a wide range of commercial applications. For many years, cashmere was prized as one of the greatest textiles for complex gowns and other ceremonial attire used by European royalty, and this relationship with high culture continues to characterize cashmere today. While cashmere wool is substantially more costly than other varieties of wool, resulting in an immediate impression of comfort and luxury for the user.


Because cashmere is light and delicate, it is not typically utilized for outdoor wear or heavier clothes. While light cashmere sweaters are popular, this material is rarely utilized for trench coats, pea coats, or other forms of outerwear clothing that are typically constructed with different types of wool.


Our soft cashmere turtleneck sweaters are made of 100% Alba's cashmere and will keep you warm and snug no matter how chilly it gets outdoors. Furthermore, the turtleneck shape will keep you warm in the cold, making this sweater a must-have for any winter outfit. And we also provide a crew neck one for you to choose from.

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