Tips for Choosing a Winter Jacket

Tips for Choosing a Winter Jacket

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to fall, and the harsh northern winds howl through the night—it’s enough to make you want to hibernate inside all season. A winter coat should offer a cozy sanctuary as you stroll through snow flurries and down icy sidewalks, all while still displaying your taste in fashion.


There are three main types of winter jackets.

  1. Technical winter jackets

Technical jackets are the best choice for those looking for lightweight warmth that allows for full range of movement when engaging in outdoor activities. These jackets will include more technical features like helmet-compatible hoods and pit-zips to increase airflow during high-intensity activities. Generally, technical jackets are more lightweight than casual around-town winter jackets, and will be more compressible and packable. Most technical jackets made for intense winter pursuits will feature a 3-layer (3L) construction. This term is most often associated with membranes like GORE-TEX that use a layering system to create durable waterproof shells, perfect for wearing on top when layering. More layers can sometimes mean more weight, so some technical jackets will be designed to reduce bulk and weight while maintaining total weather protection.


  1. Casual, around-town winter coats

Some warm coats that are chic enough for the office, happy hour or a shopping trip downtown. These coats will be a bit longer and have features designed for added comfort like a larger hood—sometimes trimmed with fur—and lined pockets. Here, technical details are not particularly necessary because the winter coat will not be used for high intensity activities. Instead, the most crucial element when it comes to urban coats is thermal capacity.


  1. Versatile winter jackets

Some jackets look just as good in the city as they do on the slopes! They combine attractive style and functionality, with a number of technical details and a well-thought-out design.


In general, the jackets in this category will be waterproof and protect you well from difficult weather, while being sufficiently insulated.  Another interesting detail: it’s often possible to get a quality jacket at a reasonable price. In addition, it’s often a jacket that can be worn all winter long because of its versatility.



One of the most useful tips for choosing a winter jacket is to choose something you will want to wear. Name brands are a top pick for winter coats since they can combine the necessary utility required for a winter coat with a sleek sense of style. Pick a reliable jacket that looks stunning and keeps you toasty and warm.


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We hope this article has helped you find the best jacket for winter. We hope that you will be able to consider the various factors for choosing the right jacket and find the jacket that suits your requirement the most. In case you need any more help in choosing the best winter jacket for the cold weather, you can contact us. Our team will get back to you with all the details and information that you need for the same.

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