The Pantone Color of 2023

The Pantone Color of 2023

Pantone has published the color of the year 2023 – Viva Magenta. It is a natural color derived from the red family, representing a fresh indication of power. Pantone explains viva magenta is that vibrates with vim and vigor. The color means being brave and fearless, a pulsing color whose enthusiasm promotes a joyful and joyous celebration, forging a new story.


“Rooted in the primordial, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta reconnects us to original matter. Invoking the forces of nature, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta galvanizes our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength”. Leatrice Eiseman said, executive director of Pantone institute.


But today's article is not telling you to buy 2023 popular color-related products, when it comes to those prevalent colors, we must also have our own judgment. We can chase the pop, but we can't be overly obsessed with the pop. Classic and durable clothes are timeless classics.


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Chase what you think is fashionable and wear your favorite clothes now!


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