The Differences between polo shirts and T-shirts and When to Wear

The Differences between polo shirts and T-shirts and When to Wear

Polo shirts and t- shirts are similar in that they are both common types. However, there are made a few of differences.


The Differences between polo shirts and T-shirts

Polo shirts and T-shirts differ in their construction and design. Polo shirts typically have a collar and buttons, while the neckline of T-shirts is usually a round or V-shaped neckline. Polo shirts typically have a more structured fit than T-shirts and are also typically made from a thicker material. Furthermore, polo shirts often feature an embroidered logo or design, while T-shirt designs may be printed or sewn on.


As polo shirts are more heavyweight in general (when compared to t-shirts) they are instantly more hard wearing. The fabric is built and manufactured in a completely different way, which means they can withstand constant wear and tear.


Polo shirts are usually more formal, so they are typically worn in more formal settings such as a business meeting or a formal occasion. On the other hand, T-shirts are more casual and can be worn for everyday activities.


When to Wear T-shirts

T-shirts are usually considered a casual garment and can be worn in a variety of situations. They are a popular choice for activities such as going to the beach, running errands, or just lounging around. In some cases, they can also be worn in more formal contexts, such as a night out or a job interview.


If you have work to do in the yard, if you mow the lawn, for example, if you go to the gym, that's fine. Instead of plain cotton when engaging in physical activity, opt for more advanced moisture-wicking fabrics such as Modal.


When to Wear Polo shirts

Polo shirts can be worn for a variety of occasions including casual wear, business casual occasions, and even semi-formal occasions. They are most commonly found in solid colors and are a classic wardrobe staple for men and women.


A polo can be easily worn for any casual occasion, from outdoor barbeques with friends to trips to the shops. They easily match with casual shorts in the summer or jeans and sneakers in the winter. In the cooler months, you can comfortably layer your polo with a casual jacket for a smart look.


What to pay attention to in polo

Pay attention to the fit in the two main areas of the polo: the waist and arms. A polo waist should fit just as well as a comfortable t-shirt. Sweeps over your body with enough room to move freely without becoming baggy.


The neckline and ribbed cuffs on most polo shirts have more structure than your average t-shirt, so you want to make sure those elements don't draw attention in a bad way. Polo shirts have ribbed cuffs that reach around the mid-bicep and are tight, but not so tight that they mark your skin.


Also, watch out for polo shirts with cuffs that extend down because the cuffs are longer than they should be. If the cuffs touch your elbows, the polo shirt is too big.


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