The Best Way to Sort and Store Jeans

The Best Way to Sort and Store Jeans

When it comes to how you store the items in your closet, some items are dry. Coats are hung in the coat closet. t-shirts are folded and placed in drawers. Sweaters go on a shelf. Other items - like jeans - are a little less clear. To optimize organization and help preserve them, should we fold the jeans or hang them up?


The 5 Best Way to Store Jeans

  1. Hang Up

One method for storing jeans is to hang them as you would dress pants. Jeans can be hung by the waistband or folded over a hanger. However, do not hang jeans by the belt loops. While denim is sturdy, the stitching keeping the loops attached to pants is not as strong. Heavier pairs of jeans will pull against the loops, weakening them until they rip free.


  1. Fold and File Jeans in a Drawer

If you choose not to fold your jeans because they take up too much space in your drawer, perhaps a filing method would be more effective. To fold your jeans in this way, follow these instructions.


Place the jeans on a flat surface with the front facing up. Smooth the jeans to prevent creases. Fold the pants in half vertically. You can fold the back pockets of the jeans facing out or in. If there are embellishments on the back pockets, it is best to keep the pockets facing out to prevent fraying. This will also allow you to quickly identify the pair of pants.

Fold the jeans in half horizontally and fold the hem toward the waistband. Smooth out any wrinkles. Fold once or twice more until your jeans are in the shape of a rectangle.


Then put your jeans in a drawer, just like a file. Filing your jeans allows you to quickly find the pair you are looking for and the folded edges look neat. You can file your jeans folded in a drawer, or you can arrange them by style and color and put each group in a separate basket, box, or case.


  1. Rolling

While you may have rolled up your clothes to save space in your suitcase, this method works well for storing jeans as well. Because jeans don't wrinkle easily, you can roll them up into a neat bundle with confidence.


To roll up a pair of jeans, simply place them on a flat surface. Smooth out any wrinkles and fold them in half vertically. Start at the bottom hem of the pants and roll them upward. As you move toward the waist, keep the roll as tight as possible. To make sure the jeans don't get rolled up, you can use a rubber band or elastic tie to hold the pair in place.


Jeans can be rolled up and placed in a storage box, drawer, closet or on a shelf.


This method works best for skinny, skinny and straight leg jeans. Wide leg or baggy jeans may become uneven when rolled.


  1. Stack folded jeans on a shelf

If you have more shelves in your closet than hanging space, stacking your folded jeans is probably your best bet.

There are two things to keep in mind. First, don't lay them tightly side-by-side. Make sure you leave enough room on each side to be able to select a pair of pants without interfering with the rest of the stack. Using dividers on the shelves makes it easier to separate the stacked items.


Tip: Line your drawers with Classic Scented Drawer Liners or tuck in some Lavender Pouches to keep denim smelling like clean laundry.

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