Skinny Fit vs. Slim Fit Jeans: What is the Difference?

Skinny Fit vs. Slim Fit Jeans: What is the Difference?
It seems that there are as many types of jeans to choose from as there are men who wear jeans to choose from. While styles like "flare", "baggy", "bootcut" and "straight leg" are fairly intuitive and easy to understand, the difference between slim fit jeans and skinny jeans is much more subtle.

1. Skinny Fit Jeans
Now, contrary to popular belief, skinny jeans aren't always these jeans that are super tight all over. However, as the name suggests, these are quite a skinnier cut. They're similar to the slim fit, but tighter through the leg. And this also includes tighter throughout the thigh area. If you've got a big bum, it's definitely gonna increase in prominence wearing these, and then it's also gonna remain tight down throughout the calf area, giving once more quite a small ankle opening. For many brands, they include increased stretch in the skinny jeans as well compared to any of the prior jean type. The tightest jeans that we find generally on offer in the UK at least, actually isn't the skinny jeans.

2. Slim Fit Jeans
Slim fit, which are pretty similar to straight cut jeans, but they're marginally tighter and marginally more tapered as well. The top section of these does look quite similar to the straight cut because there aren’t loads of baggy material around this area really, but what you will notice is that below the knee area there is a little bit of a taper here. Not a great deal in most cases, but there's definitely more than with the straight jeans.

Which is more comfortable
It's easy to see how the tightness of skinny jeans could make them uncomfortable. But that's usually not the case, at least in my experience. Because skinny jeans are so stretchy, they're actually super comfortable. Putting on a pair of jeans isn't as restrictive as you might think.

Think about how often athletes wear skinnies. Instead of restricting movement, the tight material and stretch improves performance.
That's not to say that slim-fit jeans are uncomfortable. In fact, they can be very comfortable. Just not necessarily more comfortable than skinny jeans.

Which Should You Buy
Slim Fit Jeans VS Skinny Jeans? What to do? A rule of thumb when choosing between slim fit jeans and skinny jeans is to choose based on what you're doing that day. If you will be more active, running between home and work or school during the day, doing a lot of standing and sitting, or even a lot of walking, then slim-fit jeans are your best bet.

Not only is it a more casual look and therefore better suited as daywear or streetwear, but the extra mobility they provide will allow you to do better when performing typical daily activities.

Skinny jeans, on the other hand, make a bolder statement. Have a hot date with an edgy love interest? Skinny jeans are the way to go. Going to an art gallery or going to a rave night out on the town? Again, skinny jeans are better for that vibe. With the leg freedom you're giving up, you'll gain admirers for your fashion choices.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your preference. If you want jeans or pants that fit as close to your body as possible, then go with a skinny fit. If you want jeans that still offer a slim silhouette but don’t cling to your legs, then go with slim fit.

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