Polyester or Cotton: What Is The Best Fabric For Sweatshirt

Polyester or Cotton: What Is The Best Fabric For Sweatshirt
Sweatshirt is a kind of clothing that many of us have worn, while many people like to wear sweatshirts, and we all know that there are many fabrics of sweatshirts, the following talk about the difference between polyester and cotton sweatshirts.

The difference between polyester fiber and cotton
Polyester is also known as polyester, such a fabric has a lot of excellent, shade, light transmission, ventilation, heat insulation, UV protection, fire, moisture, easy to clean and other characteristics, is a very good fabric for clothing manufacturing is very popular with modern people.

Usually is used to do sports pants fabric, but polyester is not breathable, so it is easy to cause stuffy feeling, there are many jackets also have used to this fabric, when also not suitable for underwear, the production cost is lower than cotton.

Although the advantages and disadvantages of cotton and polyester fiber are different, in order to neutralize the advantages of each to make up for the shortcomings, many times the two materials will be used in a certain proportion of the combination, it will be able to complement the strengths and weaknesses, to achieve the desired effect in daily life.

For polyester fiber and cotton difference between this issue, many friends are not very well understood, then the following I will give you a word about this issue.
Polyester fiber: polyester fiber is a modification of polyester theory, the fiber made by spinning and post-processing.
Cotton: cotton as raw material and the production of fabrics.

2.Breathability and heat resistance
Polyester: poor breathability, poor fusion resistance, easy to form holes when encountering soot, sparks, etc.
Cotton: the fabric has better moisture absorption and heat resistance, heat and alkali resistance, health and hygiene; when concentrated sulfuric acid stains the cotton, the cotton is burned into holes.

3.Wrinkle resistance and conformability
Polyester: wrinkle resistance and non-iron, good light resistance, its firm and durable, non-sticky lint.
Cotton: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, easy to deform, easy to stick lint.

Which is better: Polyester or cotton
In fact, both fabrics have their advantages and disadvantages, and in different areas have more suitable for their own advantages.
Polyester: polyester fiber breathable performance is better, suitable for spring and autumn wear, light and not stuffy, so, polyester fiber clothes are also common in spring and autumn clothing fabrics.
Cotton: cotton fabric breathability is good, is the fabric of choice for summer clothing, skin-friendly and breathable, in addition to summer, can also be used for underwear fabrics, the applicability of a very wide range.

2.Moisture Wicking
Polyester: polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber, moisture wicking in general, so it is generally used as spring and summer fabrics, lingerie fabrics with polyester fiber is also relatively rare.
Cotton: cotton is the raw material of natural materials cotton, with this material woven clothing fabric moisture absorption and perspiration, is one of the most used in life clothing fabric.

3.Acid and alkali resistance
Polyester: polyester fiber acid resistance, daily cleaning time to pay attention to choose neutral or acidic detergent for cleaning, so as not to harm the clothing fabric.
Cotton: and polyester fiber contrast, cotton is alkali-resistant, cleaning time with washing powder for cleaning can be washed very clean.

Polyester: polyester fiber is one of the greatest characteristics of good cleaning, will be washed and dried polyester clothes will not take long to dry, so the polyester fiber clothes are very good to clean, and also easy to dry.
Cotton: cotton clothes are easy to dry after cleaning, but there is a characteristic that the number of times you wash is easy to change the shape, it is generally recommended to hand wash.

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