Men's Jeans Fit Guide

Men's Jeans Fit Guide

Jeans are a staple in any man's wardrobe — here's how to find the best pair for your body type and style. Here we've got loose fit, bootcut, straight fit and slim fit. This is just an average generalization.

1. Loose fit

Loose fit, aka, relaxed fit, and in some shops, this will also be labelled, as something like regular fit, as well. As the name suggests, these are pretty much. The loosest fit in jeans that you can get hold of. There are loads of excess fabric from the hips, all the way down to the ankles, which makes them very baggy around the thigh area and about the same down through to the calf. And the ankle opening on these are some of the biggest that you can find. This gives these jeans a bit more of a square shape, and often you'll notice the material folds quite bit in this style. When walking in these jeans, you’re gonna notice that the material, often lags behind you a bit, and it kind of flaps about as you move. For lots of guys, you can probably fit two of yourselves in these. Due to this wide ankle opening, some of your shoes are gonna definitely be covered by the jeans.

2. Bootcut

Now, in most cases, not all, but in most cases, these are quite baggy. But as with all the jeans on this list, it's gonna vary depending on what brand you buy. They're normally fractionally slimmer from the waist down to the knee, but are still quite baggy as a whole, with lots of excess material. The overall shape of the bootcut jeans, is a bit like a triangle, because they open up towards the bottom, giving in most cases the widest ankle opening that's available with jeans. This is a design choice intended to ensure that you can fit boots underneath the jeans easily. As you walk in boot cut jeans, you'll notice that there's quite a lot of flapping fabric, especially around the foot area, because that's where it's at the widest point.

3. Straight fit

Straight fit, which is also, in some retailers, also known as regular fit. The overall shape of the straight jeans isn't far off that of loose fit. As the name suggests, these go straight down in quite a rectangular fashion. Overall, they're just a little bit narrower than the loose fit jeans, so you'll notice they're quite a bit slimmer around the thigh and groin area. The material doesn't quite hang so much around the knee, and below the knee, they're slightly narrower than the previous two options. That being said, compared to some of the other options on this list, they're still quite baggy here. Because there is no taper down towards the ankle, they just go straight down, which leaves them a lot of the time with quite a large ankle opening still. But nonetheless, you can start to see how some of these fits of jeans are quite different from one another. You'll notice that when you're walking in the straight jeans compared to the previous two options, it kind of stays with your leg a little bit more, but there's definitely still some folding of the fabric and it flaps around a little bit.

4. Slim fit

Slim fit, which are pretty similar to straight cut jeans, but they're marginally tighter and marginally more tapered as well. The top section of these does look quite similar to the straight cut because there aren’t loads of baggy material around this area really, but what you will notice is that below the knee area there is a little bit of a taper here. Not a great deal in most cases, but there's definitely more than with the straight jeans. Slim jeans on average, I'd say, they're like a medium-sized ankle opening. What you may also find from the slim fit onwards is that some of these jean shave stretches in them, too, to allow them to stay slightly more contoured to the body. When you're walking in the slim jeans, you'll notice that they definitely stay with the leg a bit more. Due to there being less excess material, it doesn't quite flap about the same.

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