Men's Fashion Trends 2023

Men's Fashion Trends 2023
We do not recommend following fashion trends. In fact, we pride ourselves on doing the exact opposite. But if you're looking to inject a little freshness into your wardrobe, or spice up your everyday staples, it's worth taking a look at what's going on in the often confusing world of clothing.

1.The '90s fashion
If there's one thing we know about the state of fashion trends today, it's that what's old is new again. So get ready for the return of '90s fashion staples, those clothes you thought you didn't need long ago.

Nostalgia has found its place in today's fashion trends. You don't have to completely overhaul your current wardrobe if you're looking to update your wardrobe with these old-look pieces. There are plenty of ways to pair these pieces with items you may already own, or make practical investments that you can wear over and over again to keep your outfits feeling fresh.

2.Western Style
Since the American cowboy set foot on new frontiers, men's western fashion has been modified and reinvented to meet changing consumer needs. What's more, throughout American history there have been many forces that have created a desire for cultural heritage and modified styles. After a worldwide confinement, American men aim to return to the great outdoors with newfound respect. It's no exaggeration to say that the rise of western clothing is stronger than ever.

3.Printed shirts
Printed shirts used to be some of the most popular options, and the Hawaiian shirts of the 30s made it popular. These bold pieces are a great way to enhance a typical outfit like jeans or trousers. Depending on the aesthetic you prefer, you should be looking out for is one that's perfect for prairie travel—from beige to sunset orange to chestnut brown. Seductive colors that, together, present a spirit of adventure. Keep the rest of your garment simple and let the branding really stand out—or, a color story that runs through the entire mix, like black or blue, can create unity from top to bottom.

4.Denim on Denim
With men's jeans in full swing, we've finally figured out how to wear double jeans, look good, and take your style a step further than those basic tee-and-jeans dudes.

There are some fashion equations that make sense. Pairing jeans with more jeans is an easy way to bring a utilitarian classic into on-trend territory, and even create a tall look to wear to work. While this look may have American roots, these days, double jeans can fit any aesthetic.

5.Cowboy hats
Western clothing is one of those fashion subcultures that is regularly mined for inspiration before emerging as a "hot trend". This includes cowboy hats. Men's cowboy hats have been adopted by many different fashion tribes over the years, and have always been a great choice even when western clothing was out of fashion.

6.Technical jacket
Versatile and functional, the technical jacket features innovative fabrics and construction designed to protect the wearer from rain, wind and low temperatures. They've become a staple in recent years, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Until recently, technical jackets were worn purely for function, but in 2022, wearing them to the local cafe is as acceptable as climbing a mountain.

With a little planning and some smart investing, you can move through the transition in style. More than ever this year, fall and winter are about buying less and choosing wisely. Start by going through your closet and take a moment to reconsider what you've written off.

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