Keep Moving Forward: BXTribe's Blogs of Past Five Years

Keep Moving Forward: BXTribe's Blogs of Past Five Years

We were born to connect innovation implementation with people, we bring the responsibilities, cares, love of human connections into everything we do, from thins we make, to the relationship we build.


BXTribe is founded on the idea that you deserve better life. BXTribe clothes are crafted with scrupulous attention to details. It is a platform for creating your own look. We celebrate everyone's achievements, big and small, with empathy and trust. BXTribe is a collection of well-made clothing, beautifully designed with modern solutions to meet your lifestyle.


Our skilled designers use a high technology material to achieve perfect fit and feel, making you nothing but confident when working out or going out. With our modern solutions to your daily style needs, BXTribe is a platform for creating your own look. The well-made clothes with high tech material will redefine your styles and give you the best feeling throughout your day.


BXTribe's Blogs of Past Five Years:


The founder Zhang Yong inspected the past and present of the garment industry worldwide.



In January, BXTribe brand was established with36 employees and 1.35 million RMB.

In June, the first product was officially launched.

In October, the trademark registration was successful.



In April, during the epidemic, it took off against the trend with daily orders exceeding 10000 and GMV exceeding 2.5 million.

In December, BXTribe completed the A round of financing, and won: the first new consumer brand of men's clothing online in Byte series and Tencent series and won the selection member of "People's New Domestic Products". BXTribe’s annual revenue exceeded 136 million.



In February ranked first in the T-shirt category.

In April, the single-day sales exceeded 8.21 million.

In May, it ranked first in the T-shirt category on Ali Category Day.

In June, BXTribe won the Most Potential Ningbo New Brand.

In September, BXTribe won the official Tmall Gold Award for Popular Brands.

In October, BXTribe won the Fashion Ningbo New Power Award.

In November, BXTribe's monthly GMV exceeded 96.58 million.

In November, products such as aerogel cold-resistant clothing volcanic rock thermal underwear and bamboo fiber shirts were successfully shortlisted for the "Technical Innovation Award" and" Most Potential Award" of the

In December, BXTribe completed the B round of financing, won the most influential domestic product brand, and won the21st"Digital Innovation Pioneer Award".



In January, the country's first offline flagship store opened in Wanda Plaza Yinzhou District, Ningbo City.

In March, offline stores opened one after another.

As of the first quarter of 2022, the brand has been exposed 7.2 billion times on the entire network3.6 million paying users 7.56 million pieces have been sold and the GMV was close to 1.1 billion.


We believe everything truly great because of you. BXTribe has always been coherent and pursued without compromise. Heritage, classic original, quality, creativity and innovation are the terms used in BXTribe to define the concept of “Redefining fashion by innovation”. Much more than a T.


The purpose of BXTribe is to respect the extraordinary in everybody. We constantly strive for better. As a team, inspired by our continuous pursuit of excellence. We are always learning and committed to setting new standards. We are never done.


We believe in quality and craftsmanship to make better looking products. Our dedication to it is what makes our collections unique and timeless. We deliver a comprehensive service offering that includes time-saving planning services, global sourcing of materials and manufacturing processes, design support, merchandise packaging & delivery. The BXTribe community is growing every month at a fast pace because we care about what you get for it!

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