How to Wear a Polo Shirt with Style

How to Wear a Polo Shirt with Style
Polo shirts are a timeless classic that can be worn for many different occasions. A more advanced alternative to the traditional tee, you can easily dress it up by adding key pieces to complement it. The polo shirt is also seen as the default attire of the stylish loafer – worn when an activity calls for a collared shirt and he's too lazy to button up an oxford. Whether the temperature rises or falls, here are the best ways to wear a polo shirt.

To look your best, choose a shirt that fits well and complements your figure. Pair the shirt with trousers or jeans and a pair of comfortable shoes. To add style, layer on a jacket, sweater, or vest. Accessorize with a hat, scarf, or necklace.

1.Pair a casual polo shirt with shorts
When the weather gets too hot, elevate your look with a polo shirt and shorts. A loose polo shirt and shorts combo is sure to be a winner in the warmer months. This suit will keep you in style when you're out and about, so you'll stay relatively cool even on muggier days. If you want to add a little sparkle, add some accessories to the mix. Finish the look with a watch, or cufflinks.

2.Pair a polo shirt with chinos
For a classic look that everyone thinks of when they hear the word "polo shirt," pair a polo shirt with a pair of well-fitting khaki pants or shorts. This is another garment that hovers between casual and formal. At the end of the day, it's still casual, but it's a lot more formal than a t-shirt and jeans. To dress it up while keeping it relaxed, opt for a pair of boots, dress shoes or loafers.

3.Pair a polo shirt with jeans
Wondering how to wear a polo shirt with jeans? As the quintessential casual look, a polo shirt and jeans is an effortless style, and a great pair of dark wash jeans paired with a casual polo shirt in a bold color and sneakers is the man's The best choice for going out. Because the texture of the polo shirt will match the texture of the jeans, making the garment truly match. Think of it as an updated version of the classic T-shirt and jeans combo.

4.Pair a polo shirt with a blazer
Want to spruce up your polo shirt? A polo shirt works well with a blazer. For more formal events, wear a white or black polo shirt with a dark suit. A thicker long-sleeve polo shirt tucked into dress pants complements the blazer, all for a well-balanced formal outfit.

"Even though it's a very simple concept, having trim on the neckline and cuffs of your polo shirt can have a big wardrobe impact," says Higgins. "Echoing vintage styles, piping will simultaneously smarten up your after-get off work look and ensure you stand out from the crowd of fellow dressers," says Higgins.

Here are some general considerations when wearing a polo shirt—no matter what style you choose.

Button at least one button, even if you don't button the top button. All unbuttoned can look sloppy and untidy, even for a casual setting.

No matter how you style it, a polo shirt with a pattern will look more casual, but it’s always a good idea to have a few polo shirts to choose from in your wardrobe.

Polo shirts are designed to be worn alone. If you can't bear to wear shirts alone, make sure you choose a shirt that is fitted so it doesn't create weird lines and that the collar doesn't show through.

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