How to Wash, Fold & Care for Sweatshirts

How to Wash, Fold & Care for Sweatshirts

For clothes in general, washing is all about stain removal. But for sweatshirts, it's more than that. When washing sweatshirts, it is important to take care that the material is not damaged, no color fading and no deformation.


Here are a few common washing and maintenance techniques:

  1. Washing water temperature as much as possible to control at about 30 degrees, which is better for the cotton of the sweatshirt.


  1. Do not use bleach when washing, which is very harmful to the fabric fibers.


  1. The speed of the washing machine will destroy the fiber texture, so it is best not to machine wash, hand wash.


  1. After washing the sweatshirt is best to use a large hanger propped up to dry.


  1. Ironing sweatshirts when the temperature as far as possible below 110 degrees, to prevent ironing steam damage clothes.


  1. Dry cleaning will destroy the fiber tissue composition, so do not take it to the dry cleaners.


  1. Do not wash with clothes that will fade to prevent being colored, especially white sweatshirts, need to be more careful.


  1. Do not iron and rub the part of the sweatshirt that has a print.


  1. It is best to zipper up the sweatshirt with a zipper before washing it, so that it can be placed on the clothing damage.


  1. Sweatshirt maintenance and collection, sweatshirt after drying to take down do not hang on the sweatshirt can be rolled up and stored, it is best to place in a relatively dry place to prevent mold.


The Fabric Features

When cleaning clothes, different fabrics have different points of attention, it is also necessary to understand the fabric of the clothing. The common fabrics of sweatshirts are terry cloth, fleece and cotton several.


1、Terry cloth

Because terry cloth has a certain elasticity, when cleaning and drying water must be wrung out, otherwise it is easy to pull deformation.


  1. Fleece

Fleece cleaning or drying storage, try not to produce friction with other items, otherwise it is easy to pilling.


  1. Cotton material

When washing cotton sweatshirts, try to rub lightly. After washing and storage, if not folded properly or stored in a pile, it is easy to wrinkle and affect the beauty. Therefore, we suggest that the storage of cotton sweatshirts should be hung.


Cleaning Methods for Different Stains

  1. Oil stains

Cleaning method: clothes stained with oil stains must be dealt with in a timely manner, you can first use a little laundry detergent or detergent to gently scrub the stain, and then rinse with water several times, basically you can deal with the stain.


  1. Underarm sweat stains

Cleaning method: light-colored sweatshirt, especially white, underarm back these positions wear a long time easy to have sweat stains, you can pour some diluted laundry detergent in the stain, and then covered with a layer of baking soda, repeatedly and gently scrub, and finally rinse with water on the clean.


  1. Cosmetic stains

Cleaning method: There are such experiences, clothes accidentally rubbed on the foundation or lipstick, especially white clothes, really make people headache, usually at home can prepare a little alcohol, clothes with stains can pour a little, not too much, you can soak through the stains on the clothes on the good, and then lightly scrub can be.


  1. Tea, coffee stains

Cleaning method: If there are yellow tea stains and coffee stains on the sweatshirt, use the common white vinegar in the kitchen to solve them, pour the white vinegar on the towel, then cover the stains with a towel and scrub lightly, then wash with water.


When it comes to wearable comfort, sweatshirts are second only to pajamas as the best thing out there. Give your sweatshirts the love they deserve, treat them right and in return, they will last a long time and keep you comfortable, warm and looking good.

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