How to Spot High Quality Clothing

How to Spot High Quality Clothing

There are many different clothing brands and styles on the market today, and the quality of clothes is good and bad! In order to be able to buy clothes to your liking, now introduce a few ways to identify the quality of clothes.


Pay attention to the various logos on the clothing:

1, the product has no trademark and factory name and address.


2, the product has no fiber content logo, mainly refers to the fabric of clothing, lining fiber content logo, a variety of fiber content percentage should be clear and correct, with filler clothing should also indicate the composition and content of the filler. Fiber content markings should be sewn in the appropriate part of the garment, a permanent mark.


3, the product with or without the graphic symbols and instructions on the washing logo, and understand the requirements of the method of washing and maintenance, especially in summer wear clothing, to verify whether the logo can be washed.


Identification of appearance quality

1, the main surface parts of the garment have no obvious woven defects. Because in the purchase after wearing only to find that the surface has obvious defects and other problems, it is more difficult to distinguish the responsibility, especially the higher price of clothing products.


2, the main stitching parts of the garment have no color difference.


3, the pattern of clothing fabrics, inverted smooth hair is consistent with the direction, the main parts of the clothing of the lattice fabric is symmetrical, aligned.


4, pay attention to the texture of various accessories and ingredients on the garment, such as whether the zipper is smooth, whether the buttons are firm, whether the four buckles are loose and appropriate.


5、Surface parts with adhesive lining, such as collar, barge, pocket cover, lapel, whether there is degumming, blistering or glue seepage, etc.


Identification of sewing quality

1、Visually inspect whether the sewing line of each part of the garment is straight, whether the stitching is smooth, whether the sole sleeve eating potential is even and round, whether the bag cover and pocket are smooth, and whether the bottom edge of the square hem is round and smooth. The main parts of the garment generally refer to the collar, lapel, sleeve cage and the predecessor part of the garment, which is the place to focus on.


2, check whether the symmetrical parts of the garment are consistent. There are many symmetrical parts on the garment, you can put the left and right parts together and check whether the symmetrical parts are accurate.


Identification of fabric fiber content

1, in general to the fiber content mark on the garment, do not need to identify.


2, with the burning method to identify the composition of clothing fabrics is: in the sewing edge of the garment to draw down a strand of cloth yarn (should include warp and weft yarn), ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, and then smell the smell of cloth yarn after burning. If there is a burnt odor similar to human hair after burning, it can be confirmed that the fabric contains the composition of wool, and the stronger the odor, the higher the proportion of wool. Then look at the residue after burning, if it is black coke, it can also indicate that it contains the composition of wool. After two fingers will twist the remaining material, if it is completely powder, it means that it is all wool, if there is a viscose granular appearance, it means that it contains chemical fiber components, the harder the viscose granular, it means that the proportion of chemical fiber components is higher.



After the above identification of the clothing logo, the appearance of clothing, clothing sewing quality and clothing fabric composition, plus try on the clothes of the personal feeling, basically you can buy a quality standard requirements and more fit satisfactory clothing.

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