How To Pack Your Dress Shirts for Travel

How To Pack Your Dress Shirts for Travel

When packing a suitcase for travel, proper folding goes a long way in ensuring your clothes arrive as wrinkled as possible. For everyday items like t-shirts, underwear and shorts, rolls are an efficient way to pack as much as possible into as little space as possible. Proper shirt folding technique will not only keep your clothes looking neat straight out of the suitcase, but you will also be able to squeeze more clothes into the limited space. If you want to open the package as smooth and pristine as possible at the destination, you need to take a different approach to folding.


Shirt Packing Tips

Before you start stuffing shirts strategically into your suitcase, it's wise to determine how you prefer to operate. There are four main methods of shirt packaging, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages.



Folding is the most common method of travel packing and involves turning the shirt over into a neat, even shape. While it's effective at reducing creases, it won't save you much time or space.


To take it a step further, wrap the folded shirt in paper towels, this will help prevent crushing. This is my favorite way to store dress shirts in my luggage, on top of everything I pack. This little trick alone has saved me a lot of headaches and creases.


If you're pressed for time when you arrive, consider putting your dress shirts on the hangers in your suit and/or garment bag. By packing this way, there is no need to fold the shirt, which can help avoid any initial creases. However, most suit bags must be collapsible in order to be allowed on the plane. However, one fold is perfectly affordable.



Simply turn the dress shirt face down and fold the long sleeves inward. Then fold the shirt vertically in half. Finally, roll the shirt up from the bottom, smoothing out any wrinkles. This Marie Kondo-inspired trick involves rolling clothes into a neat cylinder, just like you would a rug. Rolling saves a lot of space and is the go-to method when you're packing a stack of shirts that are similar in size.


Tie up

If your small closet is full of delicate, different-sized clothes, you might want to try bundling. While this shirt folding technique is tricky to master, it saves a lot of space and minimizes the creases on your precious dress shirt.


Vacuum Packaging

For serious space savers, vacuum packaging is a viable option. While it's time-consuming and requires special equipment, you can pack a ton of irregular-sized clothes into a small suitcase.


Hopefully my tips here have given you some new ways to tackle your wrinkle-resistant challenges for the next time you pack. I recommend that you try to pick shirts made of mixed fibers. Shirts that include polyester, acrylic, and nylon will all wrinkle less than Oxford shirts made entirely of cotton or natural fibers.


Lastly, make sure to condition these shirts before packaging. They should be cleaned thoroughly, either professionally or at home, and be completely free of creases. A shirt that's fresh and wrinkle-free before you pack it will be a joy to wear and a better chance at life on the road.

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