How to Identify Quality Cashmere

How to Identify Quality Cashmere

Cashmere clothes tend to be simple in style, and its shape and material itself exudes a sense of sophistication, so it is timeless. Unlike other winter warm clothing, which looks bloated and has to rely on thickness to keep warm. Cashmere is the fleece on the alpaca, the hair is dense and warmer, but cashmere fabric is relatively expensive.


  1. Handfeel

Many people think that cashmere is cashmere, but cashmere only produces wool, not down, and the cashmere we see in the market is actually sheep's wool. The cashmere is a layer of fine wool taken from the body of the goat, which is more expensive and softer to the touch, so it must be soft to the touch to be real cashmere.


  1. Appearance

Generally, the fineness of cashmere is between 13.5um to 15.5um, so it is shorter than wool, and the hair is a little bit different in length. And artificial fiber silk forged fleece is relatively difficult to reach the fine degree, and the industrial cutting length is consistent, so the clothes from the appearance, you can see that the fleece is thicker and harder, and longer, so we can see from the appearance of whether it is real cashmere.


Cashmere pants because of the natural composition, in quality will be lighter than artificial, the touch is also warmer, no pinprick touch after the upper body, delicate fit, both warm and not bloated.


  1. Fracture cashmere

Cashmere is naturally grown, the hair is fine, we take a little down, a little force can be broken, while artificial cashmere because of the industrial production, the material is harder, a little stronger, you need to force to break. The actual cashmere can be identified by the method of taking the silk and breaking it.


  1. Fire to identify

We all know that the way to distinguish between artificial and natural is to burn with fire, because the natural growth of hair, which contains mainly protein inside, after the fire will have animal burning smell, and burn more slowly, burned into ash, a touch that into ash. And artificial chemical fiber material, because the internal contains chemical elements, burning speed, and after burning into will Cheng gel, shrink into a ball, need to press down to become fine dust.


High-quality cashmere has a soft and silky feel. Our light soft Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater is perfect for staying warm and comfortable all winter long. Made with 100% Albas cashmere, it's sure to keep you cozy and toasty no matter how cold it gets outside. Additionally, the turtleneck style will help protect you from the elements, making this sweater a must-have for any winter wardrobe.

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