How to Choose the Right Polo Shirt

How to Choose the Right Polo Shirt
Polo shirts may help you display your personality, whether you're a good golfer or a rival in the corporate world. This fit delivers a tailored appearance that is clean and businesslike. But how do choose the right polo shirt for you?

Fits your shape and size
Polo shirts should be worn that fit your body well but don't look too tight. Choose ones that won't deform your body. For a well-fitting shirt, you can use a rule of thumb. Run two fingers under the sleeve and choose the one that fits your fingers comfortably. It is recommended to try on polo shirts before purchasing. Note the length of the polo shirt to make sure it matches your height. The hem of the shirt should be directly below the belt.

shoulder width and sleeve length
Regarding shoulder width, similar to dress shirts, the shoulder width should be on the shoulder bones. Ideally, you'll be able to stretch 2 inches of extra fabric on each side.

At the same time, the sleeves of a well-fitting men's polo shirt should fall halfway between the shoulders and the elbows. Go for long sleeves if you want to look stylish, while short sleeves will give you a retro vibe.

When it comes to how to choose the right polo shirt, choosing the right material is the key. Today's POLO shirts are made of different materials and have specific uses. In general, there are four main types of men's polo shirts to consider.

Cotton polo shirts are the most expensive due to their high quality, lightweight and breathable fabric. They are classic and formal business attire that will never go out of style. Cotton, on the other hand, is poor at retaining brilliant colors and tends to shrink over time.

2.Polyester blend
The benefits of both materials are combined in these poly-cotton blend polo shirts. They are soft and breathable, yet durable and easy to maintain. Blended polo shirts cost significantly less than cotton polo shirts, making them an excellent choice for workplace and school uniforms.

3.Lightweight Textiles
Performance polo shirts are specially designed for athletes and sportsmen. Polyester and other lightweight textiles such as spandex are often used. The best thing about this type of polo shirt is that it is UV resistant and moisture absorbent. You can wear them to the golf course, tennis court or bowling alley to enhance your performance.

As the name suggests, polyester polo shirts are constructed from polyester fabric and are the most cost-effective and long-lasting polo shirts on the market. Unlike cotton shirts, Poly polos won't shrink, wrinkle or fade over time.

Polo shirts are a great way for men to add some color to their wardrobe. First, invest in basic shades like navy, white, burgundy, baby blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, or pink. All of these are great shades, but the one that suits you best will depend on your skin tone and hair color. For example, warm tones will complement your fair skin.

After you have the basic design, you can move on to checks, stripes, or other patterns. Contrasting colors can make you stand out from the crowd.

There's a reason polo shirt has been around for over a hundred years: They're available for men and women of almost every size. If you don't already own a polo shirt, they are 100% worth the investment and an essential staple in your wardrobe. As mentioned earlier, they're great with any type of clothing, and they're also designed to be worn year-round, making them a must-have in your wardrobe.

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