How To Care for Cashmere Sweaters

How To Care for Cashmere Sweaters

Many people think that knitwear is not suitable for cleaning at home, in fact, as long as you master a good method, knitwear and cashmere sweaters can also be cleaned at home, although it will be a little harder, because to prevent yellowing and the emergence of worms, so home cleaning should pay attention to the following.


  1. Washing machine

The first thing you can do is put your cashmere sweater in the washing machine, provided that you adjust your washing machine mode to the "gentle" mode, and then put in a special clothing detergent. It is best to wash the cashmere sweater in two pieces at a time to avoid too much friction, and to increase the amount of water so that the cashmere sweater can swim in the water. Water temperature is also important, the water temperature can’t be too high, because the knitting will search will also be deformed, so it is best to 30 degrees Celsius or less.


Because cashmere contains a certain amount of oil inside, it is important to soften and prevent fiber loss. The best way to do this is to use a towel to soak up the moisture on top and use the dehydration function with caution.


Even if you hand wash the temperature should be below 30 degrees Celsius, and it is best to put in a detergent for clothes.


  1. Care before washing

For example, some cashmere sweaters have some sequins or other extra embellishments on the neck or body, and care should be taken when washing. You can take the embellishments off, or the knitwear can be placed in a net pocket to avoid cutting. When drying, it should also be close to flat.


  1. How to dry

After dehydrating the cashmere sweater, take it out immediately and put it in a cool place with better ventilation to dry. It is best to use a drying method that can be used across the bridge, not just hang it up and droop the lower part of the wool sweater, which will cause the knitted fabric to deform and become longer.


  1. Handling of fuzziness

Regardless of the price, clothes with wool and cashmere elements will produce a certain amount of hair ball or knotted broken hair, so to avoid this, you can gently brush off some of the fuzziness of the knitted fabric with a special brush.


If there is a lint ball, it is recommended to use a special brush and lint ball remover on the market to get rid of it. In fact, the sooner you find frizz the sooner you can deal with it, rather than waiting until after a clump or even a hairball finally appears. Some people use chewing gum or tape to deal with frizz, this method is not recommended, because it will damage the fiber.


Finally, there is a tip is to boil the rough side of the sponge with hot water and then gently brush the frizzy place.


  1. How about the cuffs?

Knitted stretch sweaters tend to have sagging cuffs, so you can use a steam funnel to gently iron the knitted fabric and then hold it tightly with your hands to grab it.


  1. Storage

Because knitted clothes are not too heavy, you can hang thicker knitted sweaters on hangers. If it needs to be stored for a long time, it is best to put it in a ventilated place to dry for a while or use a hair dryer before storing.


Finally, fold the cashmere products neatly, or wrap and roll them up in a sealed box, and put mothballs to prevent worms. Because mothballs are denser than air, it is best to put them on top.

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