Elevate your business casual with a men’s crewneck t-shirt

Elevate your business casual with a men’s crewneck t-shirt

As a busy professional, you want attire that makes you appear knowledgeable and well-dressed. While a daily T-shirt may help you feel confident during the day, it's best to choose pieces that turn a casual attitude into a workplace-appropriate outfit. Crewneck shirts are excellent additions to any man's wardrobe since they are adaptable, comfortable, and elegant enough to help you make a good impression when it matters.


How to buy men’s crewneck t-shirt

  • go for comfort and durability: a good crewneck T-shirt should meet the following characteristics: anti-pilling; Soft to the touch; Wrinkle resistant and fabric of high quality. Our soft cashmere crewneck t-shirtadopts 92.5% cotton and 7.5% cashmere which is ultra-soft.
  • choose a sleeve length that works for your routine: you can opt for either a long sleeve cashmere tee or a short sleeve cashmere T-shirt. BXTribe created the Cozy Cashmere Short Sleeve T-Shirtfor a polished look during fall and winter- and unseasonably cold office buildings. This shirt is guaranteed to keep you warm all season long. Plus, the luxurious Albas cashmere provides an extra level of comfort and style. Whether you're running errands or relaxing at home, this cozy t-shirt is sure to become your go-to favorite.


Even if you have a capsule wardrobe, you will want men's crewneck t-shirts that will last through the seasons. If you already own a heavyweight sweater, flannel shirt, or bomber jacket, you may utilize a ‘stay dry’ t-shirt as a stylish base layer. If you have a capsule wardrobe, a long-sleeved shirt may be dressed up with a jacket and pants.


If you only plan on wearing a shirt, choose a thermal t-shirt that will keep you warm in cooler conditions. For example, Tee is a play on a heavier shirt with a hoodie to shield you from the weather.

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