Different Types of Denim

Different Types of Denim

Denim is a versatile fabric with many uses, including apparel and interior creations. Worldwide ubiquity, blue jeans are a huge part of the fashion world and have become almost synonymous with American style. With so many different types of denim available on the market these days, knowing the different types of denim and the denim colors you can choose from is key to getting the best results.


100% cotton denim

Regular denim fabric is made from 100% cotton. This is the original denim material and is robust and versatile.


Raw denim

Raw or dry denim is fabric is that is not washed after it is dyed. This creates a rougher and stiffer texture.


Washed denim

In contrast to raw denim, washed denim is washed after the dying process to avoid shrinkage and colour bleed. Most denim fabrics are sold as washed.


Stretch denim

Stretch denim weaves spandex or another elastic component to give the fabric some added give and flexibility. Stretch denim is often used for skinny jeans.

Bull denim fabric

This denim fabric has a 3*a twill construction, making it strong and durable. Bull denim is often used for upholstery.


Coloured denim

Denim comes in many colors. Blue denim is dyed with indigo, while other shades such as black, pink, gray and green are dyed with sulfur.


Acid wash denim fabric

To create acid-washed denim, the fabric is scrubbed with a pumice stone soaked in chlorine gas. It can also be crafted with chemical acids put into the wash. Color fades after scrubbing, creating a mottled, washed and worn look. This look was popular in the 1980s and has had countless iterations.


Sanforized denim

Sanforized denim is raw denim that has been treated to allow for some shrinkage. Die-hard jeans fans love the really rough and tough state of raw jeans, and the perforation process stops shrinkage from happening.


Crushed denim

Crushed denim has been treated so that it has a wrinkled look. It is often used in conjunction with other processes such as acid or stone wash to give a truly worn look. These wrinkles will not come out in the wash.


Chambre fabrics

Technically speaking, twill fabrics are different from denim. However, they are similar in appearance and are often mistaken for lightweight denim. The difference between chambre and denim is in the construction of the material. Chambre fabric is woven in a plain weave, while denim is woven in a twill weave and has a rougher texture.


Which denim fabric is best?

The best type of denim depends on your purpose and desired level of comfort. Denim made with 100% cotton in darker colors will last the longest and be comfortable with loose-fitting jeans and jackets. If you want to wear skinny jeans, a little stretch in your jeans can make a big difference if you need to bend over to stretch or sit all day.


Denim color

Denim is available in a variety of colours. Color is critical in gauging how well a fabric is likely to fade over time.


Blue denim

Blue was originally chosen as the color of denim by American manufacturers due to the chemical properties of the dye. It is naturally permeable and the colors adhere well to threads. Blue denim comes in a variety of shades, including light blue wash, medium blue wash, and dark blue wash.


Black denim

Black denim is made in the same way as blue denim, but is heavily dyed to create the black hue. The process involves the use of sulfur dyes to create the color, and the dyes penetrate deeply into the fabric. Black denim is one of the most difficult colors to keep fresh because it fades gray quickly.



Denim crosses the barriers of age and gender, it is supreme as a durable and stylish fabric. Choose the type of denim that appeals to you and suits what you are sewing.

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