Cotton vs Blends: Choosing the Best T-shirt Fabric

Cotton vs Blends: Choosing the Best T-shirt Fabric

Cotton fabrics are characterized by good hand feel, comfortable and environmentally friendly, but easy to wrinkle. Adding a small amount of spandex can significantly change the physical properties of the fabric, greatly increasing the elasticity of the fabric, while maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton. In addition, adding spandex to the neckline can prevent the neckline from loosening large deformation and maintain the lasting elasticity of the neckline.


How many types of T-shirt fabrics are there, we will talk about the following.


  1. Ordinary cotton fabric

Casual T-shirt more ordinary cotton fabric, this fabric T-shirt wearing comfortable, but slightly poor brace. Easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation after the water.


  1. Mercerized cotton fabric

Mercerized cotton fabric using ordinary cotton fabric, this fabric T-shirt comfortable to wear.

Mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton, worsted into high weave yarn, and then by burning, mercerization and other special processing procedures, made of bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant high-quality mercerized yarn. The high-quality knitted fabric made of this raw material not only completely retains the excellent natural characteristics of the original cotton, but also has a silk-like luster, the fabric feels soft, moisture-absorbent and breathable, elasticity and drape are quite good; plus the rich colors, comfortable and casual, fully reflecting the wearer's temperament and taste.


  1. Cotton double mercerization fabric

Cotton double mercerized fabric is "double burned double silk" cotton products, with burned and mercerized yarn as raw material, using CAD computer-aided design system and CAM computer-aided production system to quickly weave the designed pattern fabric, burned and mercerized again on the blank fabric, after a series of finishing, the production of this High-grade knitted fabric, the fabric surface pattern is clear, the pattern is novel, the luster is bright, the hand feel is smooth, better than mercerized cotton, but because of two mercerized finishing, the price is a little expensive.


  1. Ultra-high count cotton fabric

This fabric is rarely used by enterprises, because its price is very expensive, 120 count cotton T-shirt fabric prices up to 30 dollars a kilogram, and 200 count cotton T-shirt fabric prices are higher, reaching more than 3,000 a kilogram, and the kind of 250 count cotton T-shirt fabric needs 1,800 pounds.


Common fabrics used for T-shirt production include: cotton sweat cloth, polyester-cotton single and double-sided, as well as cotton, polyester-cotton hexagonal, four-corner mesh, herringbone, composite ribbing, lifting strip mesh, etc. Not easy to deformation, but wearing comfort is slightly worse than cotton. Common polyester-cotton fabric features: feel soft and thick, washing is not easy to deformation, but wearing comfort is slightly worse than cotton. Common polyester-cotton is 80% cotton, 20% polyester or 65% cotton, 35% polyester ratio.


The characteristics of cotton fabrics: feel better, wear comfortable and environmentally friendly, gram weight is generally between 160 grams to 300 grams, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be stuffy, generally choose between 180-260 grams is good, the count is generally 21 and 32 counts, refers to the average number of cotton fiber length, the higher the softer, and the yarn is divided into general yarn, semi-fine yarn and fine yarn, general yarn fabric surface will be rough, especially The surface of plain yarn fabric will be rougher, especially the dark fabric will have white yarn point. The surface of fine yarn fabric is neater, and the feel is also very soft.



There is no one “best” fabric for t-shirts. The best fabric for you depends on your needs and preferences.

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