Cashmere gives you a cloud-like feeling

Cashmere gives you a cloud-like feeling

Cashmere is the lightest natural wool and the most expensive to create. Cashmere wool, unlike any other natural fiber, imparts a distinct sense of naturalness and well-being to the skin. From its soft, soothing warmth to its heavy price tag, it has long been a fashion must-have for those with large budgets and continues to top wish lists today.



  • Origin of cashmere

Cashmere has been produced for thousands of years in Mongolia, Nepal, and Kashmir. Meaning its usage in Kashmir's handmade shawls, the fiber is also known as Pashm (Persian for wool) or Pashmina (Persian/Urdu term derived from Pashm). Woolen shawls are mentioned in writings dating from the third century BC to the eleventh century AD. However, a prevalent belief in Kashmir says that the local wool industry was started by the 15th-century monarch of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abidin, who sent weavers from Turkestan.


Kashmir (formerly known as cashmere by the British) had a bustling business in the 18th and early 19th centuries, creating shawls from goat down imported from Tibet and Tartary via Ladakh. Treaties signed as a result of earlier conflicts governed the down trade. When the General in Chief of the French expedition in Egypt (1799-1802) sent one to Paris, it was the first time the Shawl was seen in Western Europe. The delivery of the shawl is claimed to have caused an immediate sensation, and preparations were made to begin producing the product in France.


  • Nowadays of cashmere

Today, China is the leading producer of cashmere. China generates about 10,000 tons of raw materials every year. Cashmere's immense appeal and demand continue to this day.


Because of the very thin hair of the cashmere goat with a diameter of fewer than 19 micrometers, cashmere is wonderfully smooth and feels good on the skin.


There is no time of year when you cannot wear a cashmere sweater. There is no greater winter protection than cashmere, which is up to eight times warmer than normal wool. Cashmere is very nice to wear in the spring. It does not get too hot because it is so soft that you do not need to wear another shirt under it.


You can choose our soft cashmere crewneck sweater if you have no ideals about what cashmere sweaters to buy. The Light Soft Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater is a luxurious and warm sweater suitable for any occasion. It is constructed of 100% cashmere, which is one of the world's softest and most costly textiles. The cashmere sweater is exceptionally light, keeping you warm without overheating. It is also breathable and will not cause you to sweat as much as other heavier sweaters. The crew neck offers a relaxed and comfortable fit, while the ribbed cuffs and hem provide a stylish touch.

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