Best Blue Jeans with Shirt Outfits for Men

Best Blue Jeans with Shirt Outfits for Men

As the most common garment in your closet, blue jeans are often considered plain. However, by pairing them perfectly with various colored shirts and footwear, you can easily enhance the look of your jeans.


  1. Light blue jeans with black shirt

The combination of light and dark colors is tempting. Likewise, nothing goes better with light blue jeans than a black shirt. Whenever we consider what to wear with blue jeans, black always comes to our mind. Choose a high neck black t-shirt and a brown belt to bring a unique touch to the combination.


  1. Blue jeans with flannel shirt style

The blue jeans with dark boots and flannel shirt look will make your plain appearance more attractive and glamorous. Plaid facecloth button down shirts is great for casual and formal scenarios. These are looks you can carry all day. Spice up your style with a sleeveless jacket for a fresh winter look.


  1. With a white button-down shirt

The combination of blue jeans and white shirt is the epitome of the most stylish look for men. This outfit suits all skin tones and makes them look cool and classy. Separate the white button-down shirt from the dark or light blue jeans and wear white sneakers. You will have the perfect office wear that you can continue to wear during evening events.


  1. Sky blue shirt with jeans

People usually avoid choosing a blue colored shirt with blue jeans. Here's a quick tip to rock this style. Wear a sky blue shirt and dark blue jeans to a casual event. Accessorize this outfit with a leather jacket or pea coat to give it a more study atmosphere. Flaunt your style with a combination of blue jeans and a shirt to make people turn heads.


  1. Blue jeans with denim jacket

Jeans are an evergreen fashion trend that doesn't change much. One of the best options for guys to wear blue jeans is to pair them with a denim jacket. It's a sweet blend between the 80's vibe and the modern look of a trendy denim jacket. By choosing different shades of blue for your jacket and jeans, you can totally rock this look.


  1. Blue jeans with a green tee

The next time you're worried about what to wear with blue jeans, the answer should be obvious. A green t-shirt is the perfect t-shirt color to pair with any shade of blue jeans and is a must-have. Bring some color to your closet by adding full and half sleeves of sage green t-shirts. For casual days, choose sneakers or go for oxfords to go with your jacket.

  1. Blue jeans with a white T-shirt and sneakers

The combination of blue jeans and a white t-shirt puts the focus on the wearer's figure, highlighting their shoulders and biceps. Flaunt those muscles with a smart watch and sneakers to complete the look. White sneakers look most appropriate in this outfit.


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