A Rule You Should Know to Style A Henley and A Polo for Men

A Rule You Should Know to Style A Henley and A Polo for Men

Now, henleys are one of the few items out there, that really are not specific to any season, because there’s just so many different variations out there.

The reason that most people love henley shirt though, is because they can really look sexy and masculine on a man, especially when the top one or two buttons are undone. That being said, and this is a mistake, they're not for everyone.

So, let's get into what to look for in mens henley shirts, based on the time of year it is, and the best ways to wear them.


Generally, your henleys will be made out of cotton, but you really want to consider the fabric weight, depending on what time of year it is. So, if it's the warmer months go with a lightweight fabric, almost something similar to your t-shirt.

That's gonna keep you nice and cool during those warmer months. Now, if it's the cooler parts of the year, you wanna go with a thicker long-sleeve, more knit-looking henley, something very similar to a thermal underwear, where its gonna keep you really warm, especially when you layer it underneath other items.


Like all your clothing your henleys should have, a nice trim fit through the body, as well as through the arms. So, that means you should not be able to pinch, more than one to two inches of fabric on one side of your stomach and no more than one inch of fabric along your bicep. It's really important that you nail down the fit with your henleys because otherwise it's gonna look really sloppy. So, I mentioned earlier that henleys are not for everyone, so now let’s get into it since we’re talking about fit.

For Thin Gentlemen

lf you're a thinner gentleman, you really need to make sure that fit is razor-sharp, especially if you're gonna wear a long-sleeve version, because if you’re wearing a loose-fitting Henley, it's gonna make you look even thinner and more frail than you are. So, I really only like a long-sleeve Henley on a thinner gentleman when it's layered underneath something like a jacket or a casual shirt. Otherwise, when they’re worn on their own, they really spotlight how thin a man is.


So, if you wanna wear a henley on its own, and you're a thinner man, then go with a short-sleeve henley because it'll look like a t-shirt, which looks always great on every body type.


For Bigger Gentlemen

lf you're a more rotund gentleman, AKA not in the greatest shape, and you've got a bit of a belly going on, absolutely you can’t wear henleys. Due to the button placket on the front, coupled with the fact that there's no collar, a henley's really going to just spotlight how big you look in your torso and your neck. Don't worry, a polo shirt is actually a way better option for you because the collar on our Light Soft Cashmere Short Sleeve Polo Shirt will actually help kinda just keep your torso looking nice and balanced and proportional, so that your top half doesn't look super big compared to your lower half.

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