A must-have item you need to stay comfortable outsides on chilly days

A must-have item you need to stay comfortable outsides on chilly days

You may know aerogel materials if you are interested in NASA or some astronaut things.


Aerogel is one of the lightest solid materials yet discovered. And, by luck, it's also quite effective at minimizing heat transmission. This implies that when it is used in clothes, what is cold (such as the outside air) remains cold and what is hot (your body) remains hot.


The most common form of aerogel, silica aerogel, is produced by a solgel process in which the liquid-filled pores are replaced with gas. This produces an exceptionally low-density solid that may be endowed with a variety of extraordinary features, including hydrophobicity.


The solid component of silica aerogel is made up of tiny, three-dimensional, intertwined clusters. They account for barely 3% of the volume and are poor conductors. The remaining 97% of the volume of aerogel is made up of air trapped in small pores. This air has extremely little space to move, which prevents both convection and gas-phase conduction. Because of these properties, aerogel is the world's lowest density solid and most effective thermal insulator.


Our 3D Aerogel Cold Resistant Jacket series products applied this material to give consumers an extraordinarily comfortable and warm experience in winter. The fabric is mainly composed of 3 layers: a comfortable and soft inner layer, a middle layer filled with aerogel for constant temperature, and a waterproof and cold-resistant outer layer to further enhance the thermal function. The polyester fiber of the outer layer is durable and stable in color. The inner layer adopts a 3D printing process to attach the aerogel powder to the surface of the fiber which locks in more still air for high insulation capacity with thin and light materials


BXTribe conducted a test to examine the degree of thermal insulation. The test BXTribe anti-cold suit was immediately sprayed with liquid nitrogen at -196°C, 12.3°C at room temperature, and 10.1°C following direct spraying and the surface temperature decreased by just 2.2°C.


And BXTribe gives three offers for you to pick up - casual series, sports series, and urban outdoor series. You can add your favorite series to your basket and then spend a warm winter.

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