A Guide to Different Types of Cotton Fabric

A Guide to Different Types of Cotton Fabric

Cotton is the most common fabric, and many people like to wear cotton clothes. Cotton is softer, and more absorbent and breathable. Especially newborn babies are best suited to wear cotton cloth. Cotton cloth is mainly used only for baby clothes, casual wear, shirts, underwear, etc. The following is a small compilation of the types of cotton fabric, as well as the characteristics of various cotton fabrics.


Various types of cotton textiles are collectively known as cotton fabric, common types of cotton fabric and features.


  1. Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is warmth, water absorption, breathability is relatively good, wear more comfortable fit, so often use cotton to make intimate clothing, such as underwear, shirts, etc. But cotton cloth also has some shortcomings, is easy to pilling, wrinkled, so if the shirt is pure cotton, need frequent ironing.


  1. Fine woven cotton fabric

This is one of the cotton cloth, is one of the best, with the characteristics of cotton cloth, but to avoid the shortcomings of cotton cloth easy to wrinkle, easy to pilling.


  1. Polyester-cotton fabric

This is polyester and cotton mixed weave into a cotton fabric, called polyester-cotton fabric, it also has the disadvantages of cotton fabric easy to pilling, but softer than cotton fabric, because there is a polyester component, but the water absorption is a little worse than cotton fabric.


  1. Washed cotton fabric

Washed cotton fabric is a special treatment of cotton fabric, through a special treatment method, so that the surface of cotton fabric looks more lustrous, feel more comfortable. Washed cotton cloth has no deformation and fading characteristics, and some washed cotton surface will have a layer of plush, looks more unique.


  1. Ice cotton cloth

From the name, you know that this is a cotton fabric for summer, ice cotton fabric is thin, breathable, but also has the characteristics of cool. Its main production method is to make a special coating on top of the cotton, so that people touch it, feel cool. Ice cotton cloth is suitable for making ladies' dresses, shorts, T-shirts, etc.


  1. Lycra cotton cloth

Lycra added to cotton, made of Lycra cotton, so that cotton has the characteristics of high elasticity of Lycra, in fact, Lycra is a man-made elastic fiber. Lycra cotton fabric elasticity is very good, can be used in combination with any fabric, and will not change the appearance of the original fabric, is an invisible fiber.


  1. Mercerized cotton fabric

Mercerized cotton fabric is also made of cotton as raw material, but the use of carefully selected high-grade cotton, so it is a high-grade cotton fabric. Both the advantages of pure cotton cloth, but also unique features, high gloss, not easy to fade, elasticity, etc.



The above describes the seven common types of cotton fabric, as well as the characteristics of this cotton fabric. For these characteristics, you can identify what kind of cotton fabric when buying clothes.

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