5 Ways for Men to Wear an Oversized T-shirt

5 Ways for Men to Wear an Oversized T-shirt
Streetwear has come a long way. Over the past few decades, it has expanded from a minority style to mainstream fashion clothing. Oversized t-shirts are back in style and are a popular choice for many lately. Oversized clothing styles are easier to fit, more comfortable, and more versatile.

There are so many easy and stylish ways to wear an oversized tee, but how do you make sure you show off your style effortlessly? Today, we're featuring a few easy looks that will keep you looking ultra-chic and stylish in oversized tees.

1.Style with a Plaid Shirt
On chilly days, pair an oversized tee with a plaid shirt! This simple pairing elevates a casual look to a semi-formal look.

This simple combination elevates a casual look to a semi-formal look. You can wear it to school, to a party, or even on a weekend date with your friends. Wear it with skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, and sunglasses for a classy look.

2.T-shirt Over Another
Keeping it simple and stylish is the key to street fashion. A regular oversized t-shirt can be worn with another regular t-shirt underneath. It makes the whole look effortless yet chic, adding a touch of color and layering.

When it comes to bottoms, you can wear ripped jeans because you can never go wrong. A pair of light blue wash jeans and a plain oversized t-shirt under a white t-shirt will keep you fashion-ready. You can also accessorize with a regular ball or bucket hat. It will help pull your whole outfit together. Pair it with a pair of white sneakers and you're all set.

3.Style with a Denim Jacket
This funky look is as cool as it is timeless. A denim jacket with an oversized white tee is a classic look that will always be in trend. The durability of a denim jacket also makes it a valuable piece of clothing that will last you for years. This simple yet edgy look is a great addition to any style.

Accentuate your denim jacket with a pair of black jeans. This tried-and-true look will make a good impression on any occasion. All white sneakers are an excellent and classy option to complete the outfit and make your style pop.

4.Style with Slim-fit Pants
This contrasting chic look is an easy win. Pairing your oversized t-shirt with slim-fit pants is the best of both worlds, letting each shine while working together. A pair of ripped skinny jeans or some slim-fitting sweatpants will go a long way toward going to the movies or shopping downtown.

Complete this funky look with some sleek sneakers as you head to the mall or watch the ball game. Add a knit beanie or baseball cap to lighten up the look.

5.Style with Sweater Vest
You can layer a sweater vest with baggy trousers or baggy jeans over an oversized tee. A long-sleeved T-shirt with a V-neck sweater vest is a good choice. One thing to consider here is not to pair a V-neck T-shirt with a V-neck sweater vest.

As for footwear, you can wear any pair of shoes and it will work well together.

You can also tuck the shirt in and wear it with slacks for a more semi-casual look. For a more stylish look, you can also use a variety of bold colors, patterns and graphics. Also, try out different accessories like bucket hats, belts, chains for jeans and fanny packs.

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