3 Simple Ways to Style Windbreakers

3 Simple Ways to Style Windbreakers
The windbreaker is the most versatile piece of clothing that you can wear. No matter where and how it appears, anyone can wear a windbreaker with confidence and grace- It can be a casual choice or a professional one.
The key to styling this garment is making sure the sleeves are rolled up correctly and the collar is turned towards the back. Next, ensure the waistband is tucked in but not too short because if you have tight sleeves it will look bulky on some people and so will not add any beauty to your outfit. Finally, make sure there's enough room for your arms to breathe, as well as the hemline and cuffs to prevent any excess fabric from showing through at all. All these elements help make a great first impression and create an overall flattering vibe.
1. Opt for loose fit
When styling windbreakers, try to go for loose enough fit. You want the shirt sleeves to fold down close to the shoulders instead of being straight. When you're wearing the shirt with the collar facing backwards, you should try tucking the bottom one in in order to eliminate excess fabric.
2. Avoid buttons
When shopping for windbreakers, don't avoid wearing buttoned shirts. A good rule of thumb when trying new styles can be to only choose windbreakers with sleeves with buttons that are around the neck. If a shirt is sleeveless, try adding a belt on top of the sleeves to achieve a little edge to your outfit. Otherwise, go for a longer sleeve shirt if it has buttons.
3. Mix a bit of color
Another important thing you need to consider is mixing different colors into your outfits. For example, you can use light grey or black in combination with navy or brown to give a more modern feel to your outfit. Similarly, a white dress could go perfectly with yellow socks.So there you have it, three easy tips to keep in mind when picking out your next windbreaker

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